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Offering the national curriculum of Egypt with a semi-international approach
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The ideal setting for your child to start school is SLS KGs. Children will have a great start thanks to our carefully planned routine and good support services.

Primary Stage

Learner-centered instruction is the major educational strategy being used SLS, and it results in students who are very actively involved in their own learning.

Preparatory Stage

We make sure the student’s transition from the primary level is as smooth as possible throughout the first year of the preparation stage. Expert and highly skilled teachers gently transition the young kids into a more academic educational style during their learning lessons.

Secondary Stage

The Secondary School at SLS will be a memorable end for our children. We will make sure the atmosphere supports the senior students’ intellectual, emotional, social, aesthetic, and physical development at this time.

About Us

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the world of SEEDS LANGUAGE SCHOOL (SLS)

At SLS, we keep conscious of and respectful of others’ needs, each student will be respected as an individual and inspired to attain their best level of academic and personal performance.

Our School Facilities 

We aim that all students will settle quickly into our SLS thriving school Family

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SLS Family strives to achieve a growing, thinking, adapting & exceptionally educated generation.  

Our students are our seeds, we offer them the best ground to grow strong in!