Preparatory school


During the first year of the preparatory stage, we ensure that the student’s transition from the primary stage is as seamless as possible. The young students are eased into a more academic educational style within their learning lessons by expert and highly qualified teachers.

In the Preparatory School, English, MaIn the Preparatory School, English, Math and Science are the key cross-curricular skills, however, the other subjects remain broad and balanced with all children studying the full range of academic subjects.

- Development of oral skills through theme-based presentations, debates and dramatization.
- Increase of the independent writing skills.
- Improvement of the reading skills through Independent Reading Projects.
- Approaches that challenge critical thinking that support presenting arguments and supporting them with evidence.
- Emphasis on the study of general mathematical concepts and the acquisition of vocabulary specific to mathematics.
- Flexible and adaptive strategies to facilitate the development of confident, curious, and thoughtful problem solvers.
- Comprehensive teaching, practice and assessment of Science concepts and skills.
- Preparation for doing the Elementary Diploma of the French Language (DELF).
- Preparation for the German Language Examinations (FIT) offered by Geothe Institut and corresponds to the levels of the Common European Framework ofReference for Languages .
- Preparation for 3rd Preparatory National Exams, without being exam focused.
- Physical Education classes that are run in a fun-filled atmosphere and enhance mutual respect, team work skills and the sense of responsibility.
- Music and Art sessions.