Secondary school


SLS’ Secondary School will be the great finale for the students. During this stage, we will ensure that the environment provides for the cognitive, emotional, social, aesthetic and physical development of our senior students. This will happen by:
Creating a healthy educational atmosphere in which the physical as well as intellectual abilities of every student are enhanced in totality.

Helping students to develop an awareness and understanding of both local and global issues and teach them how to deal with the challenges of a modern and competitive world

Utilising the time of the students in various pleasant and healthy activities in addition to academics

Employing a professional, distinguished staff that help our students  achieve their highest academic Potential without going through the hassle of PRIVATE LESSONS

Promoting a clear set of values that help students show respect, appreciation and gratitude

Knowing every student deeply and unlocking the potential of all who attend SLS

Appreciating the VOICE OF OUR STUDENTS