About Us

The choice about which school to send your child to is an extremely important one for any parent. We hope that this prospectus will provide you with the necessary information as to why SLS could be the right place for your child

Welcome at SLS!

At SLS, each student will be valued as an individual and encouraged to reach their highest level of academic and personal achievement whilst remaining aware and respectful of the needs of others.

Our School

• Coeducation School.
• Semi-International Educational System: – National Curriculum of Egypt encompassing and combining the methods and features of the international educational requirements.
• English as a First Language (Language & Literature).
• Second Foreign Language from 2nd Primary (French/ German).
• Wide range of co-, extra and cross-curricular activities .
• Character building.

• Dedicated, professional, highly qualified teachers.
• Fluent English Language speaking teachers for English, Science and Math.

• Supportive with very strong and solid educational experience


Our vision at SLS is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute to the Egyptian Society while we are SOWING THE SEEDS OF EXCELLENCE.


SLS is committed to providing a learner-centred, cheerful, safe and disciplined educational atmosphere where the students are encouraged to develop and acquire a love of learning desire so that each student can become a productive successful member of the Egyptian as well as the global society. This is fostered by the dedicated, committed and supportive staff and school leadership together with a parental community that feels welcomed and valued.

What We Offer


SLS KGs is the perfect place for your child to begin school life. Our carefully thought out routine and outstanding support program ensure that children will get off to an excellent start.

We are sure your child will benefit from our rolling programme of topics and activities as well as enjoying plenty of play and socialising.


Primary School

Across the PRIMARY YEARS, we will gradually expand the learning approaches of the curriculum to include more formal aspects of school life. The focus progresses gradually from learning through play to more structured learning with children still encouraged to explore and discover more about themselves and their surroundings.

The primarily educational approach in SLS is a learner-centered which produces learners that are—to a great extent— actively involved in their own learning process.

As many children have a combination of intelligences and learning styles, the challenge for our school will be to cater to all the learners and not to marginalize children because of their particular learning preferences.

Preparatory School

During the first year of the preparatory stage, we ensure that the student’s transition from the primary stage is as seamless as possible. The young students are eased into a more academic educational style within their learning lessons by expert and highly qualified teachers.

In the Preparatory School, English, MaIn the Preparatory School, English, Math and Science are the key cross-curricular skills, however, the other subjects remain broad and balanced with all children studying the full range of academic subjects.

Secondary School

SLS’ Secondary School will be the great finale for the students. During this stage, we will ensure that the environment provides for the cognitive, emotional, social, aesthetic and physical development of our senior students. This will happen by:
Creating a healthy educational atmosphere in which the physical as well as intellectual abilities of every student are enhanced in totality.