Welcome Message


It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the world of SEEDS LANGUAGE SCHOOL (SLS).

The choice about which school to send your child to is an extremely important one for any parent. We hope that this prospectus will provide you with the necessary information as to why SLS could be the right place for your child.

At SLS, each student will be valued as an individual and encouraged to reach their highest level of academic and personal achievement whilst remaining aware and respectful of the needs of others.

We are proud to be offering this exceptional educational service to the Egyptian society through providing extensive range of academic opportunities that will prepare the students as confident and caring youth ready to make the most of their talents and equipped to fulfill their ambitions.

Also the wide range of creative, spiritual, cultural and sporting activities within the school and our close links with the local and wider community will enhance the supportive and stimulating learning environment.

Our elitist well-selected teaching staff ensures that our students will be well prepared for the future and benefit from the wider collaborative opportunities available.

The school facilities and expertise enable us to guide our students through the educational programmes of formal and informal education and development.

We look forward to establishing a happy, successful and close partnership central to your child’s progress through the school.

We are sure that all students will settle quickly into our SLS thriving school community.